Nothing is more important than your team

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Projects turn heads based on their revolutionary ideas, but they succeed based on the composition of their teams. At Koii, we’ve built a fully remote team scattered around the globe to capitalize on the talent and drive all over the world.

Part of our mission is to empower creators, and we see ourselves in that role, too. Accordingly, we foster a culture where each member of our team is encouraged to learn, grow, and pursue challenges that interest them. That said, we are committed to doing really good work and getting it done.

You’ll be successful at Koii if you are willing to jump into problems with both feet, ideas for creative solutions in hand. Communication is key, knowing when to ask for help is crucial, and admitting your mistakes helps us all grow. And you have to appreciate a good fish meme.

Tech standup is at 11a ET (USA).

Available jobs


Blockchain Protocol Developer
Blockchain Protocol Developer (full-time or contract)
You are a web developer who has done hands-on work with public key cryptography, blockchain-based systems, smart contracts, or decentralized file storage. Our diverse, entrepreneurial team is always collaborating and innovating. If creativity and curiousity have driven you to the blockchain space, we want to hear from you.

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Community Manager
Community Manager (full-time)
The Koii mission has attracted a dedicated community that inspires us to keep building a web that puts creators first. You are a leader with experience managing brand identity and growing digital communities to be the touchpoint for our growing network. If keeping a diverse “Koii-mmunity” healthy and happy is for you, reach out!

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