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Koii makes it possible
Build hybrid smart contracts with Koii
Koii makes peer-to-peer development easy by separating contracts into two parts: consensus rules and executable bundles. Nodes participate in ‘Tasks’, submit ‘Payloads’ and then vote to find consensus.

Start building with Koii

Koii gives smart contract developers the nodes and tooling they need to build scalable, cross-compatible, and unstoppable applications, right out of the box.

  • Getting Started
  • Architecture overview
  • Install instructions
  • Developer communications
Universal Content Registry
  • Global attention tracking

    across any website, even web2

  • Content-Mining

    earn KOII Tokens

  • Developing sustainable ecosystem apps
NFT Tools
  • Atomic NFTs

    combine media + contracts, for cheap!

  • NFT-based Apps

    user owned content

  • Bridging to Marketplaces

    ETH, Tezos, Polkadot, and more

Gradual Confirmation
  • Highly Scalable
  • Low fees
  • Designed for people, not finance
  • Supports non- deterministic use cases

    like social media and subjectivity

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Koii engineering tutorials
Step-by-step tutorials
We've compiled a series of tutorials designed to teach the basics of peer-to-peer technologies and how to use them to consume data from the Koii ecosystem.
  • What are p2p apps?

    Gateways, Nodes, and Decentralized Storage.

  • What are Atomic NFTs

    Understanding decentralized media

  • Build a Koii-X App

    Hello World

  • Intermediates
  • Structuring Incentives

    Distribution functions 101

  • Designing Audit Functions
  • Koii Task Development Process

    How to do it the efficient way

  • Video Tutorials
    Video tutorials are coming soon.
    We’ll cover topics like “Building & Using External Adapters” and “Connect API to your Smart Contract.”
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