Take back control.
Koii uses Atomic NFTs to build an internet you can truly own.

Build Better.

Koii makes decentralization easy, so that you can
connect without giving up control.


Koii is open-source, and all network data is public.


Users can be onboarded without purchasing tokens.

Open & Owned

When all content is an NFT, anyone can be an owner.


Gradual consensus is flexible, so nodes don’t waste energy.

Atomic NFTs

Publish content that lasts.

The only way to mine KOII is by publishing content that gets people’s attention.

Register Once, Store Permanently

Drag and drop any file into the Finnie Wallet to permanently store and own it.

Bridging Blockchains

Once your assets are registered as Atomic NFTs with Koii, they can be transferred and traded easily.

Global Attention Tracking

Track attention and views across any portal or medium to keep big tech accountable (and mine KOII).


Stop Decentralizing the Hard Way

The Koii Protocol is built for people and media, not currency, allowing for greater scale.

Gradual Consensus

Build systems that scale by confirming state updates individually, instead of in blocks.

Proofs of Real Traffic

Verified viewership makes it possible to build apps and games based on traffic volume.

Layer N

Koii is designed to work cross-chain, so we are building bridges to connect our network of nodes to leading blockchains.

Atomic NFTs

The Koii Framework makes all content user-owned and decentralized stored, allowing for new types of platforms and ecosystems.

Not all applications require a Turing Machine— try a new level of speed.

Koii Tasks can be written in any language, and only run on as many nodes as you need.
Lazy execution and gradual consensus are more efficient. Save energy and reduce costs.
We’re in this to build a better future, and we’re dedicated to making it as easy as possible.

Run a node

Peer to peer technology makes it possible to build a more transparent and accountable information network, but we need you to run a node to make it possible.


Install on Any Device

Run a node on any internet-connected device, including phones, tablets, and personal PCs.


Fight Big Brother

Your node will support p2p apps and make the web a more transparent and equitable space.


Save our species, and earn KOII

Transparent peer to peer information infrastructure has the potential to reshape how we interact as a species.

Pre-Register to Run a Node
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